Leverage investment opportunities to help prevent climate change

Pure Climate Stocks ? Pure Climate Stocks helps retail investors around the world to make sound investment decisions in publicly traded companies for long-term wealth creation and climate impact. You save the tedious process of researching and valuing stocks with 100% positive climate impact, allowing you to make quicker and smarter investment decisions for your money and a cooler planet.

Learn the best stocks and ideas for your climate smart investments

Thorough analysis of stocks with 100% positive climate impact across various sectors and countries

Well founded, sustainable and climate change investing market insights for long-term decision-making

Scientifically based guidance for  better investment decisions with a positive climate impact

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Pure Climate Stocks
Matthias Krey
Industrial engineer, retail investor and founder
" We support your ability to make profitable investment decisions in stock listed companies that are making a real climate impact through well-founded information and knowledge products. "

Robust and uncomplicated approach for identifying stocks
with 100% positive climate impact

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Methodology based on the latest climate science and analysis of internationally renowned institutions
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Easy-to-understand approach and criteria used to establish pure play climate company status
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Methodology can be applied to determine the climate impact of single stocks, actively managed funds and ETFs
The list of Pure Climate Stocks comprises companies from various sectors and countries with diverse business models such as:


…of professional experience in analyzing climate actions from a technical, economic and financial perspective


…on average that you can save on an individual deep-dive stock analysis


…climate pure players identified and the list keeps growing!

3 good reasons to invest in pure climate stocks


Solid returns: Climate pure stocks have the capacity to deliver  attractive yields. For example, solar energy stocks outperformed the average global stock market by a factor of  3.5 over the last 5 years.[1]


Acceleration of climate impacts: As a shareholder of  climate pure players , you are supporting the share price of these companies; funding their efforts towards a positive climate impact.


Guilt free investing: You can rest easy knowing  that your money is financing the transition to a net zero emissions world – and not the production of arms, tobacco, alcohol, nuclear energy, gambling or fossil fuels.

[1] 5-year performance comparison: INVESCO Solar ETF: 257% growth vs. MSCI: ACW: 73% growth; Source: Bloomberg.com (21.05.2021)

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