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Matthias Krey – Climate finance expert, retail investor and founder

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"Hello, my name is Matthias Krey. I am working in favor of a world where everyone invests in stocks with a positive climate impact that yield solid returns."

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Stemming climate change has been my personal objective since childhood when I joined a local children's environmental protection group . I vividly remember selling pancakes with my friends at the Christmas market; we donated our modest earnings of 50 EUR to Greenpeace for the protection 1 ha of rainforest in the Amazon. Years later, after enrolling in Energy and Environmental Management at university, i finally gained a firm grasp of the immense challenges and opportunities inherent in preventing disastrous climate change.
Since then, i have successfully led dozens of climate finance advisory projects across the globe and managed a reputable international climate consulting firm. This experience has imparted a profound understanding of finance’s role in unlocking the solutions for uncoupling global economic growth and carbon emissions. As a retail investor and founder of Pure Climate Stocks, my goal is to enable you to increase your private wealth through stock investments while contributing to the future of this planet.
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