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Pure Climate Stocks

The stock investment world can be confusing for climate-conscious private investors. It’s full of contradictory daily news, competing views, and absurd greenwashing claims. Pure Climate Stocks, an online knowledge platform, helps you make fast, well-informed stock investment decisions with climate impact. Pure Climate Stocks exists to inspire, educate, and support private investors like yourself in your climate investing journey. With our comprehensive and reliable information, guides, and detailed stocks analyses, we’ll help you build and expand your profitable portfolio of climate-friendly stocks.
So welcome to Pure Climate Stocks – we’re excited to be a part of your journey. To get started, subscribe to our emails so that you never miss out on relevant information. Then take part in our free course on 100% climate impact investing. Most importantly, start investing in the future of our climate.
About Pure Climate Stocks illustration
About Pure Climate Stocks illustration
About Pure Climate Stocks illustration

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Our Manifesto

The formula for long-term success on stock markets is simple. There is no secret recipe or miraculous tool to making profitable investments in the long-term, nor are there skills that only a small, clandestine group possesses. However, the information needed for success in building a climate impact stock portfolio is not easy to obtain. To avoid falling into the greenwashing trap is critical to success. More importantly, the person you become, the character you form, and the discipline you master in the process is as essential as the financial success itself.

Below is our manifesto. We reference it – both in our personal and our professional lives – to direct our decisions and continuously challenge ourselves to be better. A climate pure play stock portfolio represents the sum of many critical decisions, and our manifesto helps us to make the best choices for ourselves and our business, in part by reminding us of what really matters.

We hope you’ll use this manifesto to make better investment decisions for yourself and for the planet, and to help build character on your own climate investment journey. Whether you’re making investments for the first time or you’re a veteran of the practice, this manifesto will guide you to challenge yourself to improve every day.

#1 Stock saving instead of savings account

Over the long term, stocks deliver the highest returns and are the best way for savers to directly promote the climate-friendly economy, get a stake in great companies, and see long-lasting benefits. In short, they are the best option for greater financial security and independence.
Stock saving instead of savings account

#2 PURE CLIMATE STOCKS instead of greenwashing

We are here to help you put your income into the stocks of actual climate change problem-solvers. We only feature stocks that are vetted climate pure players. These are companies that make 100% of their money with products and services that truly help bring the planet to net-zero emissions by 2050.
PURE CLIMATE STOCKS instead of greenwashing

#3 Empowerment instead of stock tips

For private investors, we’re driven to provide independence through education. We are not tipsters or purveyors of quick stock tips – rather, with our knowledge and content, we want to enable you to make your own successful financial decisions. We want to empower you and help bolster your qualifications.
Empowerment instead of stock tips

#4 Foresight instead of short-sightedness

Investment is not really about getting rich quick. This is, with very few exceptions, not a realistic possibility. André Kostolany, the stock exchange legend and investment guru, put it in a nutshell: “I can’t tell you how to get rich quick, but I can tell you how to get poor quick: by trying to get rich quick.” In reality, the process is much more about a journey than a destination, a journey that can last many years, even decades. A journey in which wealth is carefully built up month after month. In this way, the accumulation of wealth is sustainable, climate-positive, and successful in the truest possible sense.
Foresight instead of short-sightedness

#5 Focus & depth instead of headlines

There are always headlines about stocks and, particularly with climate stocks, there are headlines full of hype. But most often, the news hardly has any differentiated or critical depth. A well-founded analysis beats superficial ideas from stock market newbies and sensational headlines every time. Quality beats quantity. At the same time, some degree of focus is vital: If you want to understand all stocks, you will end up not understanding any.
Focus & depth instead of headlines with Pure Climate Stocks
Matthias Krey founder Pure Climate Stocks

About the founder

Matthias Krey

Stopping climate change has been on Matthias’ mind since childhood, when he joined a local children’s environmental protection group. He vividly remembers selling pancakes with his friends at the Christmas market, after which the young campaigners donated a modest 50 EUR earnings to Greenpeace for the protection of one hectare of Amazon rainforest. Years later, after studying energy and environmental management at university, Matthias gained a firmer grasp of the immense challenges – and opportunities – inherent in the prevention of disastrous climate change. Since then, he has managed a reputable international climate consulting firm, successfully leading dozens of climate finance advisory projects around the world. His experience has informed his deep understanding of finance’s role in unlocking climate solutions, and how it is vital to decouple global economic growth from carbon emissions. As a retail investor and the founder of Pure Climate Stocks, he supports private investors in increasing their wealth through stock investments while protecting the future of the planet.