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Are renewable and alternative energy ETFs a buy?

Renewable- and alternative energy ETFs have become popular ways to trade on concerns over climate change. Investors who wish to support climate-friendly companies can choose from a growing number of renewable-energy ETFs, all of which present themselves as convenient ways to add environmentally responsible positions to your portfolio. ETFs that...

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Cathie Wood and ARK Invest believe in these Pure Climate Stocks—are they right for your portfolio?

Cathie Wood is an investment star. Her firm, ARK Invest, is one of the most successful investment companies in the green-tech space. Two popular ARK Invest ETFs—Innovation Fund and Autonomous Technology & Robotics—have posted especially strong returns in 2021. Among their most important performers are two Pure Climate Stocks. Which...

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Green indexes and climate-change indexes: reliable ways to grow your investments and help the global climate?

Impact investors who seek dependable returns from environmental stocks frequently turn to climate-change indexes, green indexes, and other indexes of green equities. But whose interests do those indexes truly serve? What is their fundamental purpose? And how can individual investors use such indexes wisely, and for the mutual good of...