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    Pre-IPO Investing for the Planet: Is there an opportunity?

    In recent years, climate positive start-ups have been met with rising popularity. Contests like XPRIZE and BloombergNEF Pioneers recognize such companies for their pursuit of low-carbon climate solutions. But how can investors participate in these companies’ growth before they go public? In this blog post, we explain how investors should think about pre-IPO investment opportunities and their risks, with some examples of interesting early-stage potential Pure Climate Stocks to follow.

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  • secrets behind insider transactions
    The secrets behind insider transactions and the case of Tesla

    Company insiders, such as CEOs and other higher-ups, hold a wealth of valuable information that outside investors would love to have, and that is only accessible (sometimes) through speculation over insider transactions. Research shows that insider’s trade activity itself can be a good indicator of stock performance, even for investors watching from the sidelines. In this blog, we delve into the research – and its insights – into how to read the tea leaves on insider trading for better climate positive investments.

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  • The inflation fallacy and its impact on Pure Climate Stocks
    The inflation fallacy and its impact on Pure Climate Stocks

    There’s a great deal of buzz – and unfortunately, a great deal of questionable advice, unrealistic promises, and downright nonsense – surrounding the topic of inflation today. For investors to best deal with inflationary periods, it’s critical to first understand how inflation, whether expected or unexpected, actually functions. In this blog, we explain how inflation operates in simple terms and help you build a more resilient, climate positive portfolio.

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    10 books to read if you want your money to work for the climate

    Investors who want their money to work for positive environmental change must navigate a flood of new information – and unfortunately, not all of it is reliable. To help unpack the word soup – whether talking about “impact investing,” “ESG investing,” or other concepts – many books have hit the shelves. Here is a list of illuminating books about investing with true environmental impact.

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  • Pure Climate Stocks in China
    Pure Climate Stocks in China: Once in a lifetime opportunity or poisoned pill?

    Amidst an unprecedented exodus of investments, some analysts have doomed Chinese stocks to be un-investable. This blog is an analysis of the country’s market performance, the effects of geopolitical tensions and Covid outbreaks on Chinese Pure Climate Stocks, and my personal opinion on whether or not to invest in China now.

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  • Can cryptocurrency investing be climate-friendly?
    Can cryptocurrency investing be climate-friendly?

    Cryptocurrency has earned a reputation for its high-risk – and potentially high-profit – outcomes for investors. Though it has taken the market on a rollercoaster and created a community of die-hard enthusiasts, in recent years, there has been growing awareness of its immense environmental impacts. We researched for you the environmental costs of crypto and answer whether investing in this groundbreaking technology can have positive climate impacts.

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  • Do Pure Climate Stocks with large CEO ownership outperform their competitors
    Do Pure Climate Stocks with large CEO ownership outperform their competitors

    CEO ownership has been previously linked with superior stock performance. In this blog, we will use a sample of Pure Climate Stocks, to find out if stocks with CEO ownership outperform their competitors and create “green billionaires”. Read on to find out!

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  • Pure Climate Stocks IPOs
    Pure Climate Stocks IPOs to watch in 2022

    Investing in green IPOs can be a tricky and high-risk/high-reward proposition. Read on to find out: Which green IPOs performed well last year? Which ones disappointed investors? And how is the market for green stock debuts shaping up for 2022?

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  • electric vehicle ETFs
    Are electric vehicle ETFs a good investment opportunity?

    Electric vehicles (EVs) have become a megatrend boosted by favorable market and regulatory conditions. And, with demand growing, EV (Exchange Traded Funds) ETFs have become a popular investment vehicle for private investors that want to do good for the environment. But, what’s behind these ETFs? Are they really worth an investment? And are they only representing pure climate players? Read on to find out.

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    European Union (EU) Sustainable Finance Taxonomy

    Greenwashing in investment funds has become a common practice, making truly sustainable opportunities hard to find. The EU has created regulations on sustainable finance, but it remains to be seen if the technicalities behind them are robust enough to prevent greenwashing. The controversy of nuclear and natural gas investments being labeled as green is still latent, harboring doubts of the effectiveness of the regulations. Read on for a quick guide on these what the EU has regulated, an explanation of the controversy around it, and to find out what it means for you as a climate-conscious investor.

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