Pure Climate Stocks for Beginners

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Learn the secret to real climate impact investing

The Pure Climate Stocks for beginners course teaches you how you can make profitable stock investments in companies that save the climate

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Pure Climate Stocks

The world of stock investment can be confusing for climate-conscious private investors. It’s full of contradictory daily news, competing viewpoints, and absurd green washing claims. Our free course helps you to cut through the confusion about sustainable investment, avoid the greenwashing, and start building your own profitable portfolio of climate-friendly stocks.

Our free course,“ Pure Climate Stocks for Beginners: Beyond Greenwashing,”has been designed by veteran climate investors who once stood in your shoes. We understand your frustrations with all the greenwashing in ETFs and active funds that swirl around the sustainability, ESG, and green investment space.

With our help, you can effortlessly learn how to make your own profitable stock investments in companies with 100% climate-positive business. Put your money to work towards actually helping combat the climate crisis now.

Pure Climate Stocks for Beginners capa layout

This is what you’ll get from the free Pure Climate Stocks course

In just a few videos, you will learn:

  • the basic methodology of successful stock investing
  • how to choose real climate impact and avoid greenwashing
  • a straightforward approach for long-term investment with solid returns and positive climate impact.

After this free course, you will know how you can easily and quickly begin investing for a cooler planet, and you will make better-informed investment decisions for yourself and for a liveable Earth. 

Join the course now to get the hang of the Pure Climate Stocks methodology, see its financial performance, and start making a real difference with your money.

This course is ideal for you, if…

  • you’re looking for a clear, practical guide to identify stocks of companies that contribute 100% to a cooler planet
  • you don’t feel like wasting countless hours doing your own research, but rather, love efficiency
  • you care about your money working to benefit both your own wealth and the climate’s health

Whether you’re a first-time investor or a veteran of the trade, this free course will guide you on your personal and successful climate investment journey.

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Pure Climate Stocks for Beginners capa layout
Pure Climate Stocks for Beginners by Matthias Krey

About the course leader

Matthias Krey

Matthias is passionate about solving climate change with innovative solutions. He founded Pure Climate Stocks to support retail investors in making profitable stock investments in companies focused on reversing climate change. Matthias also manages a boutique consulting firm focused on climate change and, in his 20-year professional career, he has successfully led numerous climate finance projects worldwide. In Pure Climate Stocks, Matthias combines his experience as a successful private investor with his understanding of technologies and business models that truly help combat the climate crisis. His work enables other retail investors to start their own personal investment journeys that help the climate.

Pure Climate Stocks for Beginners capa layout