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Stock analysis by Pure Climate Stock layout
Stock analysis by Pure Climate Stock layout

Save time and effort with our fundamental analyses of
Pure Climate Stocks

There are more than 200 Pure Climate Stocks that we have identified for you, each making 100% of its money from products and services that truly work towards a net-zero emissions world by 2050. Of those, you can easily invest in more than 100 via your online broker, and those numbers are growing. But certainly, not all of them offer an equally attractive investment. So how can you know which ones to choose, and what developments should prompt you to buy? 

With our high-quality analyses of Pure Climate Stocks, you will learn about their respective risks and opportunities and make better personal investment decisions. Our analyses are fully transparent and openly explain how we value the stocks. With our help, step by step, you’ll improve your own investment skills and get better at valuing stocks yourself.

The list of Pure Climate Stocks we analyze

Why read the Pure Climate Stocks stock analyses?

Our stock analyses of companies with 100% climate impact are ideal for you, if you want to:

  • Learn about the best stocks for your climate smart investments and make better investment decisions—for your wealth and for the climate.
  • Familiarize yourself with promising stocks: The more stocks you learn about, the more opportunities will open up. That’s why we continuously introduce you to new promising stocks. In our stock research, we take a long-term perspective and employ language that every investor understands.
  • Save time: Capitalize on our knowledge and be better informed in less time. Our detailed fundamental stocks analyses outline the crucial questions and key points in a concise and clear way. On average, you can save 24 hours on a single deep-dive stock analysis.

Here’s what you’ll get from each stock analysis of climate pure players:

  • Thoroughness, depth, and variety: Our analyses of stocks with 100% positive climate impact span various sectors and countries, and they are based on key information, expertise, and selected sources. They include a wide range of annual reports, earnings calls, statistics portals, business podcasts, trade journals, Twitter, analysis tools, expert newsletters, and much more.
  • High-quality information: Our analyses help you really understand the product, business model, company, and market. They include a financial check, evaluation of the business model and strategy, calculation of expected returns, comparison of opportunities and risks, and Matthia’s (Pure Climate Stock’s founder) personal conclusion.
  • Expected returns and valuation: Our detailed return calculation model uses our analysis findings to calculate concrete return expectations for different scenarios. Find out whether the quality of a company justifies its valuation and what return expectations are realistic.
  • Key figures and earnings data: Our key figures quickly provide you with well-founded and unbiased insights into a company’s earnings situation. They include the most important central figures, their development, and a comparison with the company’s peers.

We don’t want you to buy single Pure Climate Stocks blindly—instead, we want to empower you with the information, tools, and know-how that you need to make all your future investments successful. Start by exploring our free stocks analysis now.


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Stock analysis by Pure Climate Stock layout
Stock analysis by Pure Climate Stock layout